The Macedonian Tendency: Makfax Spreads Greek Propagnada #2

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Makfax Spreads Greek Propagnada #2

By David Edenden

Can everyone please contact Makfax to tell them, when publishing Greek government propaganda, to always include the Macedonian reply to anti-Macedonian slander. Makfax is hurting Macedonia by letting this Greek nonsense pass without comment.

Greece is waiting for response on 'concessions' on name of Macedonia
The independent news agency Makfax

Athens/Paris, 14:48

Greek PM Costas Karamanlis sent a message to the Macedonian authorities that Athens is waiting for an adequate response on 'the concession it made' in efforts to solve the issue on name differences. (We can't concede on human rights for Macedonians living in Greece)

'We have taken the necessary steps, now we are waiting for the other side to respond adequately', the Greek PM said yesterday. (No you did not take any steps. Greek policy regarding minority rights is cultural genocide for Macedonians in Greece. Greece is the envy of every fascist, every rascist, every ethnic cleanser in the Balkans.)

Karamanlis spelled out this statement during his official visit to Paris, where he met with the French President Nicholas Sarkozy and PM Fran├žois Fillon. (Sarkozy and Fillon lagughed in his face)

Karamanlis addressed the issue of differences over the name of Macedonia during talks with French top officials, focusing on the European perspective of the Western Balkan's countries. (The only European perspective is that Greece is an embarrassment.)

Some of the Greek media paid special attention to the cancellation of the scheduled joint press conference. President Sarkozy called off the press meeting. (Sarkozy did not want to be seen with Karamanlis ... too embarrassed)

According to the opposition-oriented daily Ta Nea, by this move, the French President sent a clear message he won't allow to be embroiled into the Greek pre-election campaign. (Sarkosy also sent a message that he thought Karamanlis was a complete a#%hole.)


  1. Makfax has lost its' composure recently, its' true. Just see what they suggested today (according to a friend who lives in Skopje, the reports are as reproduced by him):

    Today, a group of senior Albanian politicians which announced its existence as "Assembly of Ilirida" gave a manifesto which calls upon all Albanian politicians to abandon their role in the FYROMian government and to join their Assembly in Tetovo, and to start the establishment of "Republic of Ilirida".The manifesto calls for all able-bodied Albanians plus those working in the FYROM's police & army to desert from their posts and join ranks of the "Army of Ilirida".

    "The most interesting aspect is the identity of those around this group.Reports are conflicting, but one of them mentions Nevzat Halili, a veteran of FYROM's Albanian politics which was forgotten in the public eye after his prominence throughout 1990's....from the stature of the members of the core group depends how much authority shall they have among those who should follow........"

    Nevzat Halili just gave an interview in which he denounces the manifesto and threatens with disciplinary measures against those who handed it to the media.........

    That doesn't mean that something is not cooking in FYROM, related to the events in Kosovo.Finds of arms caches in Albanian-inhabited areas are everyday occurrence........

    And now the real news:

    "...In Skopje, Vlado Popovski, an adviser to Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, voiced concerns that partitioning Kosovo could lead to a similar split in *********, federalisation or another, more radical Ohrid Agreement. The government stopped short, however, of issuing an official statement on the matter..."

    As you can see, Makfax and the other unnamed folks have more serious troubles to deal with, than your lousy squeaking of what is already lost (not that you ever had it, the Ottomans had it, but anyway...): They are trying to keep the pieces of what they still have, before it falls apart. Those fellas in Skopje are having heart attacks now and then, about the prospect of losing the 1/4 of their soil to a newborn Kossovo, while the other 3/4 shall be looking towards Bulgaria.

    (Did you hear the KKKnews? Lubcho Georgievski, a former prime minister at somewhere, is about to become the future ambassador of Bulgaria at somewhere near Sofia, or so he says.)

    Of course Greece is the bully of the Balkans fella, who can deny it, but if any of the Greek soldiers who serves in this unspeakable place, guarding the integrity of that unspeakable land, of those ones who participate in the first E.U. military mission in the history of the E.U. gets hurt, I'll expect from you to honour and praise him, or else...

    ...Why do you guard your land and we don't just let it fall apart?


    The Greek bully of your forum

    Petros Houhoulis

    Kisses buddy!

  2. Oh, my apologies, the word "FYROM" appears as my friend wrote it. I didn't really notice it until I posted his correspondence. Everything runs so fast today!

    As you have noticed, I don't like calling you names, NOT AT ALL!!!

  3. Since this post, the Greeks have lost a number of court cases and they will lose more. The Greek fascists clearly violated the schooling rights promised to the Macedonians. Today, the Greek socialists may be more just to Macedonia.