The Macedonian Tendency: Greece Publishes Irredentist Maps

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Greece Publishes Irredentist Maps

By David Edenden

The Rainbow Party (of ethnic Macedonians in Greece) has shown that the Greek government has published a map portraying parts of Turkey as being "historically Greek". Similar maps published by the Macedonian government have been condemned by the Greek Issues Caucus as being "irredentist" which means to recover lost territories . It comes from the Italian (not Greek) word "irredenta" which means unredeemed.

Both maps portray historical reality, but The Greek Issues Caucus (and apparently the US Ambassador to Macedonia, Gillian A. Milovanovic), have condemned the Macedonian maps but not the Greek Maps.

This is all part of the "Law of the Sea" where the big fish eat the little fish and this is why the Greek Issues Caucus promotes destabilization in the Balkans.

This strife could be avoided if The Greek Issues Caucus put its support for a
Joint History Project in The Balkans", but that is not yet in the cards.

For a rough translation of the Rainbow article using Bablfish see this link.

"Greek Irredentist Map"

Macedonian (so called) Irredentist Maps

1 comment:

  1. South MacedonianThursday, July 19, 2007

    They are not Irredentist Maps

    but Historical maps

    And the second map is from Wikipedia Macedonia terminoly
    not map of the great New Macedonia

    this is an Irredentist map

    In the Macedonian coasts
    there were always Greeks

    The Macedonian Slav populations
    were in the North part
    of the Aegean Macedonia

    and most of them are Greeks(Grecomans)