The Macedonian Tendency: Terrorists in Macedonia Kidnap Dogs, Threaten Execution if Demands Are Not Met!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Terrorists in Macedonia Kidnap Dogs, Threaten Execution if Demands Are Not Met!

By David Edenden

A new, previously unknown terrorist group in Macedonia has abducted 5 dogs and threatened to make them into "hotdogs" if their demands are not met. The group known as "The Macedonian Armed Revolutionary Struggle (MARS) has kidnapped a French Poodle, a British Bull Dog, a German Sheppard, an Australian Dingo and an American Collie (Lassie for f**k's sake!).

A statement released by the groups says:

These imperialist dogs will be butchered ... in a not very nice way ... I mean really bad ... but before that they will be waterboarded ... which ... trust me ... is not torture.

We demand that Greece be expelled from Nato and the EU until Greece make reparation payments to it's ethnic Macedonian minority for enduring cultural genocide for 95 years.

Greece's treatment of its ethnic Macedonian minority is the inspiration for every racist, every fascist and every ethnic cleanser in the Balkans!

We also demand a halt to the media cover-up of this oppression. All journalists and politicians who were too lazy to report on the struggle for human rights of the ethnic Macedonians in Greece, while they were farting around in the Balkans for the last 15 years, should confess, in public orgy of self-criticism.

Below is a list (in no particular oder), of the offenders. If you are a politician, journalist or pundit, who has covered the Balkans , and you don't find yourself on the list, don't let that stop you from beating yourself up or from kissing the ass (or donkey) of the first Macedonian you meet!
"I am a (journalist, politician, pundit) and I ignored human rights violations against ethnic Macedonians in Greece ... "

Robert Kaplan (granddaddy of all offenders)
Barack Obama (yeah!, you read it right the first time)
Matthew Nimetz (I'm really disappointed in you Matthew!) (more)
Samantha Power
Chuck Sudetic
Christopher Hitchens (when you sober up) (more)
Heather Hurlburt
Anne Applebaum
The New Republic ( I'm talking to you Franklin Foer)
Michael Kinsley
The Nation (See Hitchens)
International Crisis Group (especially the head kargaroo f**ker)
Radio Free Europe
Nicholas Whyte
Edward Lucas (of THE Economist)
Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC)
British Broadcasting Corp (BBC)
Madeline Albright
Richard Holbrooke (more)
Kati Marton ("The Polk Conspiracy", Mrs. Richard Holbrooke)
Janusz Bugajski (more)
Timothy Garton Ash (hole)
Stephane Dion
Michael Ignatieff (you have fallen so far!)
Strobe Talbott
Tom Lantos (okay ...I know you're dead now ... but try to make an effort anyway)
Matthew Russell Lee
Mike Rann (lock up your kangaroos!)
Javier Solana
Georgie Anne Geyer
Rep Adam Shiff
Laura Rozen
Ivo Daalder
International War and Peace Reporting (IWPR)
Lindsay Moran
Theo Angelopoulos, Film Director
Jeannie Most, CNN

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  1. Michel Foucault would say that the abduction of five dogs by a paramilitary group in Macedonia is part of a growing counter-discourse (a corrective measure) to the coercive principles of modern Greece, with its artificial order and hierarchy of classifications, its box of tricks that can punish and reward, as long as people's identity fits their established truth, which is another way of saying, if you can't say your an ancient Greek, we have ways of making you.