The Macedonian Tendency: US/EU Has Serbia's "Jace" on the Menu

Sunday, February 18, 2007

US/EU Has Serbia's "Jace" on the Menu

With Serbia trying desperately to join Nato and the EU, I'm sure that the Russians are not eager to jump through hoops in the aid of their fellow Slavs! Russia is obviously adamant in not allowing Kosovo to be a model for ethnic groups in Russia, especially the Chechens. Protecting the territorial integrity of Russia is job one! It is interesting to note how far Russia has fallen, when we seen that the US/EU is about to castrate Serbia and pan fry their balls in in herbed butter sauce and wash it down with a fine young Chianti wine. Yet Serbia still cannot bring itself to ally itself with Russia. There is a lesson there for Macedonia, but I am not sure what it is.

"Ivanov warns Kosovo independence could open Pandora's box
Makfax vesnik:

Seville /09/02/ 12:21

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov on Friday warned that granting full independence to Kosovo could spark chain reaction among other breakaway provinces across the post-Soviet region and in Europe.

'Everything depends on how we approach toward the principle on territorial integrity. Are we going to deal with Kosovo issue on the basis of the present political conjecture or on the basis of inviolability of internationally recognized borders,' Ivanov said at the meeting of NATO defense ministers.

'If we imagine a situation where Kosovo acquires independence, then other people living in regions that are not recognized will ask us 'Are we not as good as them?' Ivanov told his German counterpart Franz Josef Jung.

'This concerns the post-Soviet space, but also the regions in Europe. This can create a chain reaction. We must be careful not to open Pandora's box,' Ivanov said while commenting the plan on near-independence for Kosovo. /end/"

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