The Macedonian Tendency: Great News For Macedonians in Albania

Monday, February 19, 2007

Great News For Macedonians in Albania

I did not realize that Macedonians were so sell organized in Mala Prespa!

"Macedonians claim election victory in Mala Prespa"
Makfax vesnik:

Pustec /19/02/ 11:32

Macedonian Alliance for European Future (PMAEI), a party founded by Macedonians in Albania, said it won the mayoral vote in Mala Prespa, Albania, Makfax correspondent said.

PMAEI's Political Secretary Kimet Fetahu told Makfax news agency the party's candidate Edmond Temelko has garnered majority votes in the municipality of Mala Prespa, in the course of Sunday's local elections in Albania.

Fetahu said PMAEI's candidate for mayor won majority votes and the party won five seats in the Council of the Municipality of Mala Prespa, i.e. 35 percent of the total number of Council members.

Fetahu added there was no immediate word on the outcome of mayoral vote in other municipalities, as the count began late on Sunday.

As regards the voting process, Fetahu said the elections were conducted in calm atmosphere"

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