The Macedonian Tendency: RFE Stops Macedonian Language Service

Saturday, February 10, 2007

RFE Stops Macedonian Language Service

Radio Free Europe is closing down its Macedonian language service. This is good news and bad news. The good news is that Macedonians will not have to listen to anti-Macedonian message in their own language from an organization that is helping to subvert the national integrity of their country and helping to repress Macedonian minorities in Bulgaria and Greece. For those of you that are interested to know why I feel this way, please see the links below.

The bad news is that a number of Macedonians are going to lose their jobs in "the belly of the beast". These people must know what is going on at RFE. they must know why it ignores human rights violations in Greece. It must know why it has taken an anti-Macedonian stance. Now we will lose access to this information. On the other hand, they will be allowed to write about their experiences and we may be closer to the truth. Before you leave guys, why not take your remaining co-workers to lunch, (especially Patrick and Ulrich) have a beer, discuss "office politics". We really need to know what is going on.

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"'The budget request for RFE/RL is sufficient to support our continuing mission to promote freedom and democracy to peoples in Eastern Europe, Russian, the Caucasus, and Central and Southwestern Asia,' said RFE/RL Acting President Jeffrey Trimble. 'We are eager to continue to enrich our programming for Iran, and while RFE/RL programming to Romania and Macedonia remain popular in those countries, the elimination of these broadcasts and other proposed reductions are necessary to allow the BBG to achieve its stated priority of strengthening targeted programming to provide essential access to news and information to critical audiences,' Trimble said.

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