The Macedonian Tendency: Bulgarians Don't like Macedonian Flag ... In Macedonia!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Bulgarians Don't like Macedonian Flag ... In Macedonia!

There is a special place in Hell reserved for Ilijan Karamanov, Bulgarian Consul General in Bitola. It's beside Hitler and below Paris Hilton.

Makfax vesnik: "Macedonian flag removed from Bulgarian Consulate in Bitola

Bitola /02/02/ 14:51

The Macedonian national flag has been removed from the stand outside the Bulgarian consulate in Bitola.

The flags of the European Union, NATO and Bulgaria are still flown at a full-mast.

Bulgarian Consul General Ilijan Karamanov made no comments as to the reasons for removal of the Macedonian flag, saying he will give additional details later upon a written request.

Interior Ministry sources told Makfax news agency that the consulate is an extra-territorial zone and Bulgaria has no obligation to put Macedonian flag outside its consulate.

It's a free-will assessment and a matter of good will of countries with consular offices in Macedonia, Interior Ministry representative said"

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