The Macedonian Tendency: Germany to DUI: Drop Dead!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Germany to DUI: Drop Dead!

At least one German seems to think that Macedonians should be able to run their own affairs. He does not support the DUI's extra-parliamentary campaign for power.

Germany urges for "steady development" in Macedonia
Makfax vesnik:

"As regards the impact of the future solution on the Kosovo status on Macedonia, Erler said that 'the entire SEE region will be affected by the solution, one way or another'.

'The Albanian population that lives in different countries attaches great significance to acquiring a positive response to the wishes and conceptions that have been building up in Kosovo for years', the German official said.

According to him, 'it is clear the solution will have an impact on Macedonia', given the latest census 'that showed Albanians account for 25 percent of the population in the country, therefore, good living together between the Slavic Macedonians and Albanian Macedonians stands as a precondition for the stability of the entire region'.

Erler pointed out at the fact that 'all responsible forces in Macedonia are committed to implementation of the Ohrid Agreement as an encouraging circumstance', singling out the conflict between the Albanian parties as the gravest challenge at the moment.

'The bigger Albanian party (DUI)has hard time to accept the role of an opposition party', Erler told Deutsche Welle Radio."

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