The Macedonian Tendency: Macedonian Documentary on Boris Trajkovski

Friday, February 23, 2007

Macedonian Documentary on Boris Trajkovski

This documentary sounds really good. I only hope that it can be translated into English. Maybe someone should approach the Ford Foundation and what the hell, why not ask for a grant from the Onassis Foundation. It can't hurt.

Boris Trajkovski "I believe in Macedonia"

"An especially rich visual documentary story about the life and mission of President Boris Trajkovski.The film shows the aspects of his character as a devout man and politician. The film contains statements from about twenty eminent people from Macedonia and abroad, including those closest to him. The documentary also contains some of his most inspiring speeches taken from a huge source of exclusive archive material. The motto of the film is the belief in Macedonia, which was the main slogan in his campaign during the presidential elections. The 60 minute documentary is produced by Macedonian Television, in co-production with the Boris Trajkovski foundation.

Screenplay - Mirjana Vasileva, Goran Trencovski
Camera - Sokole Josifovski
Sound - Filip Popovski
Lighting - Aco Spasevski
Editing - Dragica Lazarevic
Directed by Goran Trencovski

The promotion of the film will be on the occasion of the three year anniversary of Trajkovski's death, on Sunday 25.02.2007 at 18:00 h., in Macedonian National Theater, while the premiere will be broadcast on Monday 26.02.2007 on Macedonian Television at 20:00 h."

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