The Macedonian Tendency: Leninists in Greek Macedonian Church

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Leninists in Greek Macedonian Church

For those who are interested the Macedonian name of Axioupolis (Kilkis) is Bojmica (Kukuš). According to the Rainbow Party, I am not sure whether these people are Greeks or ethnic Macedonians. Anyone who knows, drop me a line. It makes a difference to the story if they are Macedonians.

Church painting of Lenin sparks Greek row: News - Latest News

"A Greek priest walks past an image of the late Russian leader Lenin trimming the beard of Saint Lucas painted on the wall of the Greek Orthodox church of the Holy Virgin in Axioupolis, northern Greece February 6, 2007. The painting has offended traditionalists, who have threatened legal action to have Lenin's image removed. REUTERS/Griogoris Siamidis"

... The church's head priest, Father Dorotheos, defended the subject matter chosen by the painter, Costas Vafiadis, who started work on the project four years ago.

"There have been reactions from some, who feel Orthodox tradition is being violated, but I don't think the Church forbids personal style and expression," he said.

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