The Macedonian Tendency: EU Enlargement Commissioner, Olli Rehn Pisses in Macedonia's Soup

Friday, February 09, 2007

EU Enlargement Commissioner, Olli Rehn Pisses in Macedonia's Soup

The Albanian Party, the DUI, was not included in the governing coalition, so it is boycotting Macedonia's parliament, The Sobranie. Rather than denounce the DUI for trying to subvert the government and the democratic process, Olli Rehn seems to have found faults on all sides. These EU guys think that they can micro manage a country, but instead, they are just increasing the distrust and anxiety when people play by the rules. By the way Ollie, because of Greece's mistreatment of of its ethnic Macedonian minority, Greece cannot be considered a "functioning multi-ethnic democracy". As I have said before, since Greece is a member of the EU, Greece's values regarding ethnic minority rights are EU values!

EU warns Macedonia over entry:
BBC NEWS | Europe |

"But despite winning most Albanian votes in the 2006 election, Mr Ahmeti has found himself in opposition for the first time, after Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski chose a smaller Albanian party for his coalition.

A year ago, the EU praised Macedonia as the only functioning multi-ethnic democracy in the Balkans, rewarding it with the coveted candidate status.

Now things are different, with Mr Rehn criticising all parties for 'obstruction and lack of faith'.

He called on them to work within the democratic institutions they had worked so hard to set up."

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