The Macedonian Tendency: Description Good! Prescription Bad!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Description Good! Prescription Bad!

These guy want to save the world with a "Grande Theory", but when these guys were in power during the Clinton administration, they were in charge of putting the boots to the Kurds of Turkey and the Macedonians of Greece. If they want the democracies of the world to unite, first expel Greece and Turkey from polite company!

"Democracies of the World, Unite"
Ivo Daalder & James Lindsay
The American Interest: Policy.

The Bush revolution in foreign policy is over. After September 11, the Administration acted on the conviction that an America that dared to shake off the constraints of international rules, laws and institutions could remake the world for the better. What they found instead was that an America unbound alienated allies, empowered adversaries and divided Americans. Faced with an overstretched military and multiplying threats, the Bush Administration in its second term has acknowledged through its deeds what its critics have long argued: The United States, powerful but no"

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