The Macedonian Tendency: US/EU Balkan and Russian Policy: "Because I Said So"

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

US/EU Balkan and Russian Policy: "Because I Said So"

The Balkan counties are being destabilized, but not by Russia. They are destabilized by the US/EU and the destabilization program seems to have its own momentum without a brake or reverse gear! If Olli Rehn can make any sense of the US/EU policies below, I am willing to listen.

US/EU to Serbia: Kosovo must be independent. "BECAUSE I SAID SO!"

US/EU to Kosovo: No union with Albania. "BECAUSE I SAID SO!"

US/EU to Bosnia: No independence for Republica Srbska. "BECAUSE I SAID SO!"

US/EU to Macedonia: Increased rights for Albanians. "BECAUSE I SAID SO!"

US/EU to Bulgaria and Greece: No rights for ethnic Macedonians. "BECAUSE I SAID SO!"

US/EU Russia: Subsidize oil to Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia. "BECAUSE I SAID SO!"

Rehn says Russia's veto can destabilize Balkan
Makfax vesnik:

Berlin/London /27/02/ 11:40

The eventual Russia's veto at the UN Security Council on Martti Ahtisaari's blueprint could unleash a chaos and instability in the Balkan region, EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn said.

The BBC's Serbian news service quotes extracts from Commissioner Rehn's address to the International Bertelsmann Forum in Berlin. He said the eventual veto by Russia is not in line with Moscow's principles.

According to Rehn, Russia's threat to use its veto powers at the UN Security Council is quite unusual given the fact that Russia condemns unilateral moves in general. /end/"

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