The Macedonian Tendency: Immature Geoffrey Hoon Demands Macedonians be Mature

Friday, February 02, 2007

Immature Geoffrey Hoon Demands Macedonians be Mature

Lord God of Creation, Creator of the Universe, Personal Saviour to Mankind, please give me a gun! When some EU politician like Hoon can look a Macedonian government official, in straight in the eye, and lecture them on political maturity while refusing to discuss the plight of ethnic Macedonians in Greece, it just makes me want to spit. Not very mature but,... there you go!

Makfax vesnik:

"In the course of her visit to Britain, Minister Konevska met with the British Minister for Europe Geoffrey Hoon. She was told that the political maturity of the Macedonian government and the political parties holds the key to starting date for negotiations with the European Union and the NATO membership.

'We discussed about the situation in Macedonia and the boycott of some parties of the parliament,' Hoon said. According to statement by the British Embassy in Skopje, Hoon expressed hope that the government and all political parties will demonstrate a political maturity and invest joint efforts to ensure a swift progress towards Euro-Atlantic integration."

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