The Macedonian Tendency: Solana is a One Man Destabilization Movement

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Solana is a One Man Destabilization Movement

Solana does not know his ass from his elbow. These sentences do not make any sense. Russia will not allow the UN to impose a settlement on Belgrad. Period. End of discussion. I wish someone could put a sock in Solana's mouth becasue it would be a great day for peace in the Balkans.

Solana says UN will impose resolution on Kosovo if no agreement is reached
Makfax vesnik:

"'We need a new resolution to change the status of Kosovo. It would good if both sides accept it. If not, it will be an imposed resolution', Solana said, adding that he was 'very satisfied of the talks' with Lavrov.

Solana further said that Russia is EU's strategic partner and expressed 'support' to Lavrov's statement that the destiny of Ahtisaari's plan depends on Belgrade and Pristina.

'Therefore, I will be heading to the region on Wednesday. It is very important for Belgrade and Pristina to resume the negotiations', Solana said."

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