The Macedonian Tendency: Some Thoughts on Ethnicity

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Some Thoughts on Ethnicity

I came upon this article and an interesting web site by a Macedonian-American. Good Reading!

Ethnicity: Macedonian-Makedonski

By Dr.Stojadin B.Naumovski

“Going to the grass roots” was the slogan for candidates going in to campaign for the elections 2004. But what that really meant?

Did it, mean the “Grass roots” of the party members or the “Grass roots” of the voters?

In countries with multiple Ethnic [minorities] groups, and especially in the Balkans, where existence of “ethnic political parties” become “rule of the thumb”, going to the “Grass roots” [ in addition to the “ideological grass roots”] meant going to these elite group entities who were claiming to have the legitimacy of the ethnic groups. The agenda of this political elites was primarily based on the Nationality of the Ethnic group, while offering “variation on the theme” including ingredients such as “left” or “right”, socialist, democratic, liberal…"

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