The Macedonian Tendency: Macedonians Can't Run for Office in Bulgaria

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Macedonians Can't Run for Office in Bulgaria

These are European standards at work. Nice attitude on the part of Maxfax. Next time some US/EU/Nato nutcase waltzes through Skopje, Macedonian journalists should ask whether Greece and Bulgaria's ethnic policies are their policies.

"Bulgarian agency 'Focus' slobbers over decision against OMO Ilinden"
Makfax vesnik:

Sofia /20/02/ 19:06

With undisguised delight and in a manner which is out of any journalistic standard, the Bulgarian news agency 'Focus' reported about Supreme Court's ruling to upheld the decision that rejects registration of the party of Macedonians living in Bulgaria 'OMO Ilinden Pirin'.

In the newly introduced section dubbed 'Treat of the Day' posted on its webpage , the agency collected all reports published today in both Bulgarian and Macedonian media on the final decision for rejection of the request for registration of the political party of the Macedonian minority that lives in Pirin Macedonia.

The section is also 'embellished' with edited picture depicting OMO Ilinden Pirin as a box of detergent. The comment under the picture says 'OMO - Cold Water, no Rinsing'.

Focus agency has been giving wide publicity to the anti-Macedonian stances voiced by the Bulgarian establishment, putting in forefront the statements of the far-right politicians and public figures, who have been disclosed by the Bulgarian media themselves of being former or current collaborators of the secret services."

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