The Macedonian Tendency: Two Pseudo Rights Groups Talking Nonsense With Each Other

Friday, February 23, 2007

Two Pseudo Rights Groups Talking Nonsense With Each Other

Calling the ICG and RFE fronts for the CIA would be giving them too much credit. Having them trading nonsense with each other is very funny. This interview with Gareth Evans, a nasty little piece of work,. is simply designed for misinformation to pressure the Serbs to capitulate on Kosovo. Its not going to work. Russia and China will stand firm against Kosovo independence for their own self-interest.

Macedonians will remember this former Australian Foreign Minister as adopting the Greek position on the Macedonian name issue. His "compromise" was to call everyone from the Republic of Macedonia ... wait for it ..."Slav Macedonians" ... including the Albanians!, Turks!, Jews! ... you get the picture. Good fun from a total goof!

"ICG: Russia likely to abstain from UNSC vote on Kosovo
Makfax vesnik:

Prague /23/02/ 15:05

Russia, regardless of the current opposition to the UN plan on Kosovo, will abstain from voting at the UN Security Council, which will lead to Council's adoption of Martti Ahtisaari's blueprint, ICG's president said.

In an interview with Radio Free Europe, Gareth Evans - the president of the International Crisis Group (ICG) said the Council's approval would not mean a formal proclamation and recognition of Kosovo's independence by the UN Security Council. However, it will put Kosovo on the road to statehood and each country can recognize Kosovo individually.

Although there is no mention of the word 'independence' in Ahtisaari's plan, Kosovo will be given clear perspective for self-rule.

'The plan is very carefully drafted, as there is no mention of 'independence', which is thorn in the eye, particularly to Russia, ICG's president said.

He added that Kosovo, however, could not enjoy a full independence given the need for long-term international presence. /end/"

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