The Macedonian Tendency: Trajkovski Murder Conspiracy?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Trajkovski Murder Conspiracy?

I think that the Trajkovski plane crash was due to pilot error, but there seems to be some inconsistencies regarding the rescue. Lots of room for conspiracy mongers.

Makfax vesnik:

"SFOR arrived immediately at plane crash site in Rotimlje

Skopje /09/02/ 13:06

Several vehicles of SFOR arrived at the plane crash site 20 minutes after the crash of the plane carrying Macedonian president Boris Trajkovski.

Almost three years after the tragic accident, the local residents of Rotimlje, a village near the crash site, told the Macedonian media that SFOR teams arrived at the plane crash site shortly after the crash. The government's King Air jet, carrying the then president Boris Trajkovski and his entourage, went down minutes before landing at Mostar's airport.

Rotimlje residents told the Macedonian printed and electronic media that the plane was located shortly after it went down, not 26 hours later as the official report claims.

'The road to crash site runs through the village. Two SFOR jeeps stayed at the main road and other two jeeps climbed to the hill around 9 pm. They returned shortly afterwards, in 20 minutes. We didn't know what had happened up there. We learnt the next morning that a plane had crashed,' local resident Ahmet Pehlic said.

Macedonian police urged the prosecutor's office last Monday to re-open the investigation into plane crash that took place on 26 February 2004.

Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski will visit Mostar on Saturday, but his"

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