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Monday, February 12, 2007

Macedonian Cinema Information Center

A Macedonian site about Macedonian Movies. This site needs somebody to help it link to various English language reviews of Macedonian movies. Anyone interested?

Macedonian Cinema Information Center

[January 2006]
World Opening of "Does It Hurt?" at Rotterdam
Aneta Lesnikovska's dogma film "Does It Hurt?" will compete in one of the most prestigious European festivals, 36th Rotterdam Film Festival (24th January - 4th February). The Macedonian director's film has entered the main selection and is competing for award "Tiger".

[December 2006]
Shooting of "The Balkans Is Not Dead" Starts in August
The first scene of "The Balkans Is Not Dead" will be shot on 2nd August 2007. Macedonian producer Kino Oko will shoot director Aleksandar Popovski's film in collaboration with Testament-film from Belgrade and Pi Film Production from Istanbul. Cejda Tufan of the Turkish production said the script will be worked on carefully because the story focuses on Kemal Ataturk.

[December 2006]
Premiere of TV Comedy "Pusto Tursko"
A nostalgic TV-comedy "Pusto Tursko" directed by Kole Angelovski is opening at the Cinematheque of Macedonia. "In the 70-minute comedy, we used information from 'Confession of a Macedonian chetnik' by Albert Sonnicsen, US journalist who traveled across Macedonia in the early last century and whose notes included a lot of interesting details that enriched the picture of Macedonia in the post-Ilinden period", says director Angelovski.

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