The Macedonian Tendency: Bush Stands Firm Against Greek Lobby

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bush Stands Firm Against Greek Lobby

I'm impressed by Bush standing firm on his convictions both in Iraq and in Macedonia. Everyone's got an opinion about Iraq, but Macedonia is not on anyone's agenda. I'm impressed that Bush has done the right thing in recognizing Macedonia by its constitutional name and rebuffed the Greek lobby with regard to Macedonia joining Nato. My guess is that some in the White House, including Bush, are sick and tired of immigrant groups (like the Greek Lobby) trying to have the US support repressive policies (like denying Macedonia its own name). the Greek Issues Caucus in the US Congress should take note and tell the Greek Lobby to ..... (you know).

U.S. talking with Macedonia over NATO application despite Greek objections over name - International Herald Tribune:

"WASHINGTON: It is only Greece that has a problem with calling Macedonia Macedonia, and the two southern Balkan neighbors need to work it out to get on with international business, a State Department spokesman said Thursday.

As for the United States, Sean McCormack said, it is willing to discuss NATO membership with Macedonia under that name and would like a resolution of the name dispute with Greece.

Greece is a member of both NATO and the European Union, to which Macedonia applied for membership in 2004. Greece has threatened to stand in the way of Macedonian membership under that name in both international organizations.

McCormack said the United States has no say in the EU situation, but 'in the case of NATO, then we will talk to Macedonia about their aspirations.

'We have made it very clear that NATO should have a door open to consideration in expanding its membership, and we're going to continue to talk to Macedonia about what their aspirations are.'"

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