The Macedonian Tendency: Macedonian-American Supports US Troops at Home

Friday, February 02, 2007

Macedonian-American Supports US Troops at Home

Macedonian soldiers are part of the Coalition helping US troops in Iraq, while a Macedonian-American, Mike Ilitch is helping them at home. Good work Mike! The members of the Greek Issues Caucus in the Congress should pass a resolution thanking both Macedonia and Mike Ilitch.

Ilitch takes break to help out vets:

PADUCAH, Ky. -- Mike Ilitch, founder of a $1.6 billion empire, arrived in this small western Kentucky town Thursday to give two Iraq War veterans a free Little Caesars Pizza franchise -- a new $250,000 store specially designed to accommodate one of the veterans who lost both legs in a roadside bombing three years ago. ...

... "Far away from the city, though, Mike Ilitch's thoughts were focused on his new franchisees, former Army staff sergeants Robbie Doughty and Lloyd Allard, both of whom come from working-class backgrounds.

It was Doughty's story that resonated with Ilitch, 77, reminding him of his own struggles against lesser hurdles.

The son of Macedonian immigrants, Ilitch was born in Detroit and played baseball in the minor leagues. A knee injury dashed his hopes for the majors, and he became a door-to-door salesman before he opened his first restaurant.

'He seemed so upbeat,' Ilitch said. 'And that really struck me, because if I was in his position I'd be a little bitter, maybe depressed.'

The result was the new Little Caesars Veterans Program, which will offer deep discounts to veterans opening pizza franchises."

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