The Macedonian Tendency: Sam Vaknin Solves Macedonia's Economic Problems

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sam Vaknin Solves Macedonia's Economic Problems

A genuinely a good article about Macedonia's economic problems. Someone should do an article about the inability of Macedonia to harnass the economic potential of the emigre community.

Marketing Macedonia since 1997:
American Chronicle
Sam Vaknin

In the November 1st, 1997 edition of the prestigious economic magazine, "The Economist", there is an ad published by the Berlin Economic Development Corporation. It contains the names of all the countries in Eastern and Central Europe including such godforsaken ones as Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan. Only one name is missing: Macedonia.

A second story: all the important internet sites provide their users with lists of countries. The users use these lists to identify themselves to the webmasters of the site and to other visitors. The lists are very comprehensive. Even the names of tiny quasi-republics are included (anyone ever heard about Tuvalu?).

With the exception of very few Websites, Macedonia is not to be found on any of these lists.

One last story: on my way from Prague to Skopje, I was seriously asked by a reservations clerk of one of the leading airlines whether Skopje (Macedonia's capital since time immemorial) was a suburb of Belgrade.

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