The Macedonian Tendency: Memo to Greece: Should Have Sent Troops to Iraq!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Memo to Greece: Should Have Sent Troops to Iraq!

I don't really like to like to this Bulgarian News Agency, but sometimes they have good snippets of information. I am sure that Greece is working hard on the family tree of Barack Obama. The Greek lobby has deep roots in the Democratic Party, so the next US presidential election should see lots of pressure on the Democrats. If Obama choses to pander to the Greek lobby, it may offer the Republicans an opportunity to attack and subvert his campaign ... denial of basic human rights know!

FOCUS Information Agency:

"Athens. Greece will have to look to the U.S. for support over the Macedonia name dispute, Macedonia daily Utrinski vesnik writes citing Greek Ethnos.

Greece, which has committed to back Macedonia’s NATO and EU membership but under the FYROM name, is now in the latest stage a crucial decision. If vetoed Macedonia could turn to the U.N. Security Council where three of the permanent members -- the USA, Russia and China, have recognized Macedonia under its constitutional name. This would be the most humiliating ending for Athens as only Greece and the EU would continue to use the FYROM name. Athens might call a referendum on the matter, Ethnos writes."

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