The Macedonian Tendency: How DID Bulgaria Get in the EU?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

How DID Bulgaria Get in the EU?

It occurred to me that I never did get the whole story as to how Bulgaria managed to get into the EU with a tainted human rights record against its Macedonian minority. This is a story from November 2006. Geoffrey van Orden, conservative member of the EU Parliament produced a report that favored Macedonian recognition, but this section was deleted during debate. Why and how? Who was for it (the Greens and the ethnics) who was against it? (Greece and who else). I don't know.

Sofia disturbed by EP's suggestion on Macedonians in Pirin
Makfax vesnik: Sofia/Strasbourg 14/11/2006

The call of the European Parliament to register the Party of Macedonians 'OMO Ilinden Pirin' caused anxiety in the Bulgarian political circles.

At the yesterday's regular plenary session of the European Parliament, a proposal for registering the Party of Macedonians 'OMO Ilinden Pirin' and for guaranteeing the right of the Macedonian minority, was included in the last monitoring report on Bulgaria ahead of country's admission into the Union.

'We call upon the Bulgarian authorities to ensure that no obstacles for registration of the political party of the ethnic Macedonian will be put, and that all discriminative and abusive activities aimed at this minority will cease', says the supplementary document to the monitoring report.

The report was drafted by Geoffrey van Orden , and the demands of the Macedonians' Party are included in the Section 13 of the report, and signed by MEPs Milan Horáček, Joost Lagendijk, Angelica Beer and Elly de Groen..

'The reasons for the introduction of the amendment for the recognition of the Macedonian minority are not political', Elly de Groen told Bulgari"

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