The Macedonian Tendency: Rainbow, Omo-Ilinden "Nagosti" in the US

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rainbow, Omo-Ilinden "Nagosti" in the US

The Voice of America saw fit to report on the visit to the US of the Macedonian political leaders in Greece and Bulgaria. If it is good enough for the VOA why not the RFE, IWPR, ICG, BIRN, SEE Times, and all the other pseudo human rights groups trawling the Balkans. they should be ashamed!

Macedonian parties from Greece and Bulgaria visit US
Makfax vesnik

Washington /26/04/ 11:16

Representatives of political parties of Macedonians in Greece and Bulgaria kicked off a visit to the United States, Voice of America's Macedonian news said.

The visit was organized by the United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD). Pavle Vaskopulos, the leader of Rainbow - political party of ethnic Macedonians in Greece, and Stojko Stojkov, the co-president of OMO Ilinden-Pirin from Bulgaria, will discuss with the American interlocutors about the treatment of Macedonians minority in Greece and Bulgaria.

Vaskopulos and Stojkov say they want to update the representatives of the international organizations and governments about the real situation of Macedonian minority in Greece and Bulgaria. They stressed that the US government pledged solidarity with the grievances of the Macedonian minority in these two countries - both members of the European Union.

'As regards the human rights of minority groups, I am ready to say that there is a deficit of democracy in Greece although it is European country. In some way, there is a competition between Macedonians in Greece and in Bulgaria - which of them is in worse situation when it comes to human rights of minorities,' Vaskopulos said.

Stojko Stojkov, the co-president of OMO Ilinden- PIRIN,"

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