The Macedonian Tendency: New Graphic Novel on Macedonia

Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Graphic Novel on Macedonia

This is a yet to be published graphic novel, Macedonia. I have not read it yet so I will not pass judgment, but according to the review below, it does not look good. When reviewing the novel, it will be interesting to see what goes in and what stays out. Below are more links to reviews.

Macedonia - Graphic Novel
Harvey Pekar and Heather Roberson

In reading this book it becomes apparent that war may have been avoided, but peace is a long way off. There is no love or trust between the Macedonians and the country’s largest minority, the Albanians. So far, I have to admit, I got the feeling that she was overly sympathetic to the Albanians. No where is the European model of nation-state – a political nation built around an ethnic nation – addressed. Or course, this isn’t a completed work, so that may change. (I am reviewing a preview copy of the first eighty per cent of the book. I haven’t a problem with that. Most comic reviews are of monthlies – chapter by chapter reviews of a larger story.) Of course the Macedonians are being unrealistic. Their situation isn’t going to allow them a prosperous or happy future on their terms. And Robeson notes this. Things wouldn’t be as miserable there as there are, if everyone co-operated in making a bigger pie instead of fighting over the little pieces they have now.

Macedonia is literally new terrain for American Splendor author Harvey Pekar.


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