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Friday, April 27, 2007

Pass the Piperka

By David Edenden: This is a great idea. Macedonians supporting Macedonian owned businesses. someone should post this to their Macedonian Facebook sites. Pass it on.

There's more to Pass the Piperka than just the game.
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Pass the Piperka is about Macedonians helping Macedonians, any way they can. Whether it's by supporting a florist or a mechanic, donating to a Macedonian charity, or helping coach a Macedonian soccer team, it's about passing it on.

Day after day, year after year, if we continue to Pass the Piperka, our Macedonian traditions and our Macedonian culture will carry on forever. If you feel strongly about your Macedonian roots and heritage, do your part to keep it going!

The next time you're buying flowers, going for a nice dinner, or renovating your home, think of a Macedonian business or service. And if you have some extra money that you can spare, there's always a Macedonian church or group that could put a donation to good use. If you happen to have extra time in your day or on your weekends, try and volunteer some of your time to a Macedonian sports team or dancing group in your area. The churches always need folks to sell coffee on Sundays as well!

Today you're helping out a Macedonian that asks for your support, tomorrow it may be you that needs a hand. Let's all help each other grow and prosper, continue the Macedonian heritage, and always remember to stay CONNECTED!

Pass the Piperka

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