The Macedonian Tendency: Andov Grits his Teeth and Smiles at the Bulgaria's

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Andov Grits his Teeth and Smiles at the Bulgaria's

Stojan Andov is a good man. Unfortunately, because of the EU, he is forced to prostate himself, and by implication the Macedonian people, in front a group of people who oppress our fellow countrymen and deny our very identity. Nice! I don't really blame the Bulgarians, I blame the EU because they created the conditions whereby this was possible for Macedonian in the EU to have no minority rights. The EU is not our friend.

Get on the phone to Putin right now and ask him over "na gosti". Break out the roasted red peppers, feta cheese and Kalamata (yikes!) olives and lets talk.

Andov 'highly appreciates Bulgaria's gestures toward Macedonia
Makfax vesnik

Sofia /18/04/ 14:46

Macedonian lawmaker Stojan Andov said he 'highly appreciates Bulgaria's gestures toward Macedonia.'

Andov made the statement during his visit to Sofia, where he leads a Macedonian parliamentary delegation visiting the Bulgarian parliament, Makfax news agency said.

'I highly praise the gestures of Bulgaria, the first country that had recognized Macedonia under its constitutional name. The two countries have showed mutual understanding on relevant inter-state issues. I highly appreciate Bulgaria's position to unconditionally support Macedonia's EU integration and NATO membership,' Andov said.

The statement from Liberal Party (LP) leader Stojan Andov comes on the same day when Bulgarian authorities banned the activists and supporters of OMO Ilinden PIRIN to pay respect to Macedonian hero Jane Sandanski at Rozen monastery next Sunday"

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