The Macedonian Tendency: Meanwhile, in Montenegro...

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Meanwhile, in Montenegro...

"A Fist full of Euros" is a great "group blog" and a model for the "Macedonian Tendency". In a week or so I will be contacting individuals who will be able to add their perspective to issues facing Macedonia.

Below is one of the best short analysis of the EU road for the Balkans that I have read. Not great news for Macedonia, but at least we are ahead of Albania. Like I have said before, I am not thrilled by the EU/Nato option, but given the weakness of Russia, Macedonia has little choice.

Meanwhile, in Montenegro | afoe | A Fistful of Euros | European Opinion: "

2) Macedonia. Macedonia is an EU candidate, but it’s several steps behind Croatia. Membership is not likely before 2012 at the earliest.

Macedonia some problems. Here’s the dumbest one. A couple of years ago, France adopted an asinine constitutional amendment requiring a referendum on all new EU members. This was, of course, aimed at the Turks. (I know, I know… a thinly disguised appeal to xenophobia dressed up as a piece of populism. In the reign of Jacques Chirac! Who would have thought it?) But the Macedonians will probably be the first to be affected by it. Yah, that’s right — unless France amends its constitution back, France (population ~60 million) will have to hold a referendum on admitting Macedonia (population ~2.5 million). And then additional referendums for Albania, Montenegro, and every other country on this list.

Another problem: both the Greeks and the Bulgarians have muttered under their breath about blocking Macedonia’s membership. In the case of Bulgaria, this is probably just posturing. In the case of Greece, it’s hard to be sure — the Greeks have shown an impressive capacity for stupid behavior where Macedonia is concerned."

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