The Macedonian Tendency: Again! Message for the Queen

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Again! Message for the Queen

More reviews on the song for the Movie "the 300". If the "message for the queen" sounds Macedonian, what about Troy or Titus?

Music On Film Reviews - 300:
Reviewed by Justin Bielawa
February 27, 2007

Tyler Bates has made a name for himself within the horror score circle. His fine (unreleased) score to the retread/remake of Dawn Of The Dead was followed by his lackluster score to The Devil's Rejects. He seems to be stuck in a sort of genre rut and someone needs to save him because 300 is exactly what film score fans dislike about Hollywood.

Borrowing to such a degree that Zimmer's pending lawsuit over Gladiator looks frivolous, Bates lifts music from Gabriel Yared's rejected score to Troy and even more directly from Elliot Goldenthal's Titus. So note for note, that Bates doesn't even bother changing instruments at times - 'Come And Get Them' features the same metal clanging that accompanied the entrance of soldiers in the opening of Titus and the phonetic choral in 'Returns A King' is not unlike hearing the crunch of a plastic bottle inside the recycling machines at your local grocery store.

There are moments where Bates is given to write his own music (!) and he creates an interesting musical tapestry that while nothing new is at least his own. The synth-n-sample Randy Edelman approach pays off in a couple of tracks like 'A God King Bleeds', where a steady beat builds before descending to an unsettling near-silence.

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