The Macedonian Tendency: Belgrade: Trip to Macedonia

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Belgrade: Trip to Macedonia

A blogger takes a trip from Belgrade to Skopje and Ohrid. Some nasty comments about Skopje and nice comments about Ohrid.

Belgrade: Macedonia: "
Lucy Moore

Friday night we thankfully left Skopje for Ohrid, a town situation on a large lake (of the same name) that is surrounded by mountains and straddles the border between Macedonia and Albania. The town is over three thousand years old, and its stari grad (old city) – made of stone with houses stacked almost one on top of the other form the shore to the castle perched on top of the mountain. As a major tourist destination (for Macedonia) Ohrid was, not surprisingly, much cleaner and better maintained than Macedonia’s capital city.

After spending Sunday wandering the town and seeing nearby monasteries, we headed to Struga (a small predominantly muslim town) the next day, and then went onto Vevcani, a Christian village tucked into the foot of the mountains and surrounded by Muslim towns. Vevcani supposedly declared itself independent back in 1991, though nothing about the town would tell a visitor so. We walked from Vevcani to a neighboring village down a dirt path through beautiful green fields lined with flowering trees."

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