The Macedonian Tendency: Buy a Bottle of Macedonian Wine

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Buy a Bottle of Macedonian Wine

Good exposure for the Macedonian wine industry and Macedonia in general from a leading American business magazine. Someone in Macedonia must be doing a good job in promoting Macedonian business!

Make Mine a Macedonian Wine:
Business Week

"No one will ever mistake Kavardaci for Burgundy. About a 90-minute drive south of the capital city of Skopje, Kavardaci might be the heart of Macedonia's wine country, but it's also the site of a communist-era steel mill, surrounded by inexpensive worker housing and weedy open spaces. Yet Kavardaci should be on the radar of anyone looking for the next big thing in European wine. The town is home to the Tikves winery, the largest in southeastern Europe. Tikves is quickly metamorphosing from a socialist-era workhorse into a major producer of high-end wine."

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  1. I totally agree that Kavadarci might be the new Mecca for the European wine industry, but I disagree with the fact that a MASS production winery such as Tikves can be a producer of a high-end selected wines. I think that whoever comes to Kavadarci should give a chance to the small or mid-sized wineries in order to taste and feel the true magic of the traditional Macedonian wine.