The Macedonian Tendency: Dimce Stojanovski: Macedonian-Austrailian Artist

Friday, April 20, 2007

Dimce Stojanovski: Macedonian-Austrailian Artist

Dimce Stojanovski

Dimce Stojanovski is a contemporary Australian artist of Macedonian descent, who divides his time between Mullumbimby (on the northern NSW coast), Sydney and Macedonia. Spiritual perceptions of the human experience are the driving force behind his work. A poet guides us through an oeuvre beginning with illustration, flowering through drawing and printmaking and culminating in oil painting.

Dimce (pronounced Dim-che) says, "At the heart of the mystery of creation is truth, and the artist is its lightning rod. Should he be willing to surrender to its firm but gentle grasp, he may be led to beauty profound. Here, the only narratives are those etched upon the heart".

Dimce's early work may best be understood when seen through the prism of DaVinci and the Master's study of gesture and tone. Later, Matisse was instrumental in freeing him up from the tyranny of form. Now, it is the great Spanish Master, Velasquez who provides inspiration. "Solid grounding in the painters craft and years of experience are enabling me to employ the fearless spirit of inquiry necessary to fulfill my commission", he says. "I seek to create a living art, which when viewed, elicits the cry, I am That!"

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  1. I like your art buddy, keep it up!