The Macedonian Tendency: Carla Del Ponte is Not a Friend of Macedonia

Friday, April 20, 2007

Carla Del Ponte is Not a Friend of Macedonia

Carla Del Ponte is not a stupid person and may even at time do some good things, but the idea that Macedonians are a "slavic majority" rather than an "ethnic Macedonian majority" is an intentional slur against the Macedonian people designed to find favor with the Greek government which takes the position that Macedonians have no culture or language or identity. Basically she knowingly called us the "N" word. Also take a look at this, and marvel that Macedonia is trying to join the EU, whose politicians hold the Macedonian identity in contempt.

Macedonia readies to send protest note to Carla Del Ponte
Makfax vesnik:

Skopje /18/04/ 12:56

Macedonia will hand over a note of protest if The Hague Tribunal's prosecution, led by chief prosecutor Carla Del Ponte, used the term 'Macedonian speaking Slavic majority', government's spokesman said.

At today's press conference in Skopje, government's spokesman Ivica Bocevski commented the reports that the insulting term had been allegedly used at the launch of the trial of Ljube Boskoski and Johan Tarculovski in The Hague Tribunal.

Bocevski said the Macedonian foreign ministry took all necessary activities to check the transcript of the opening statement by tribunal's prosecution.

If we establish authenticity of the term used 'Macedonian speaking Slavic Majority', Macedonian embassy in The Hague will hand over a note of protest to tribunal's prosecution, Bocevski said.

He added that the Macedonian government won't comment the indictment against two Macedonian citizens Ljube Boskoski and Johan Tarculovski, which was read out last Monday"

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