The Macedonian Tendency: Greek Lobby New Efforts

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Greek Lobby New Efforts

I am linking to article now regarding new efforts by the Greek Lobby against Macedonia. It needs more attention and I will get back to it when I have time.

Bad News: Greek Lobby Powerful
Good News: Bush is holding firm!

Macedonian_News_Service : Message: Daily Bulletin: "

Kathimerini reads that several days ago the US Congress voted draft bill on next NATO enlargement in which Macedonia appeared with constitutional name and next to it the reference FYROM was written. According to Kathimerini loyalist to Skopje in Washington immediately reacted with a request to Bush not to accept such document.

US official cited by the daily assured that Washington does not plan to announce new proposals for the dispute between Athens and Skopje on name and no surprising move by the expiration of the mandate of the current government in Athens next spring is not expected.
Greek daily reminds that there were such assurances from Washington in the past as well, and the decision for recognizing 'the Republic of Macedonia' by the US was not passed by accident but as a result of strategic decision of the National Security Council in 2003. According to the daily the first 'gift' of Bush's government was when the US signed agreement for cooperation with the International Tribunal in the Hague, where Macedonia appeared with constitutional name.

Greece severely protested in such move of the Americans. Now Greek party fears not to be surprised again, Kathimerini comments."

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