The Macedonian Tendency: Joana Popovska Your Going To Kiev!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Joana Popovska Your Going To Kiev!

Actress Joana Popovska wins prestigious award at Kiev festival
Makfax vesnik: "

Bitola /30/04/ 16:56

The actress of the Bitola Theatre, Joana Popovska, won the award for best female actress at the Kiev Theatre Festival 'Storm' for her role in the monodrama 'Chairs'.

Popovska won the prestigious award in competition of 13 top actresses from Moldova, Poland, Armenia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Russia.

Eugene Ionescu's 'Chairs' was staged in June 2006 in the Bitola Theatre by the Serbian director Ljuba Miloshevic.

This is the second international prize Popovska won for the role in Chairs, after winning the best actress award at the festival in Korca, Albania.

'I have provided the funds for the trip to Ukraine by myself with assistance of sponsors, because the Bitola Theatre failed to give me any support, despite the official invitation from Kiev Theatre', said Joana Popovska."

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