The Macedonian Tendency: Islamistic Terrorist in Kosovo?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Islamistic Terrorist in Kosovo?

This is very scary stuff. Christopher Deliso has a track record of knowing what he is talking. about.

Slovenian Intelligence Confirms Kosovo Link to Sandzak Arrests:

A Slovenian intelligence source has confirmed for a claim made recently in the Serbian media- that the Wahhabis arrested at a training camp broken up near Novi Pazar on St. Patrick’s Day had connections with Kosovo militants, the final status process there and potential violence again Serbs in the North Mitrovica enclaves.

The March 17, 2007 Serbian police operation against a suspected Islamic extremist mountain training camp near Novi Pazar, which yielded weapons, ammunition and assorted paraphernalia, has inspired unprecedented interest in the phenomenon of Wahhabi extremism in this forgotten area of western Serbia in the international media.

What is perhaps most interesting about the recent foreign media coverage, however, is that no one has cast doubt upon the Serbian government’s version of events. For the first time in a long time, a Serbian counter-terrorism operation has gotten the “benefit of the doubt.” Whether this means that the international media feels the Serbs are trustworthy, or that the former would just like a compelling story, is not clear. However, it is significant."

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