The Macedonian Tendency: Milososki: Macedonia to the EU

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Milososki: Macedonia to the EU

Our Antonio did us proud by having this article published in the EU Observer, an online European news magazine. It nice for a change to have Macedonia's position stated without some journalist stepping all over our toes!

Balkan enlargement is EU birthday test
By Antonio Milososki, Foreign Minister of Macedonia

26.03.2007 - 09:31 |

Fifty years ago European visionaries signed the Treaty of Rome setting the foundations for a modern day Europe. Today Europe has 27 members, almost 560 million citizens and it is the biggest market in the world. The economic indicators are convincing. EU average unemployment is down to 7 percent and its cumulative economic growth is at 3 percent.

But in order to compete on the global market, Europe may have to further intensify economic reforms, liberalize its markets and complete the enlargement process. "

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