The Macedonian Tendency: Powell Shares "Person of the Year" With Rice!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Powell Shares "Person of the Year" With Rice!

As a result of his revelation that he was responsible for the decision to recognize Macedonia by its constitutional name, "The Macedonian Tendency" proudly announces that Colin Powell will share, with Condi Rice, the coveted Macedonian Tendency's "Person of the Year"!

Powell takes credit for US recognition of Macedonia's name
Makfax vesnik

Athens /02/04/ 13:47

The former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell took credit for Washington's decision to recognize Macedonia's constitutional name in 2004.

Makfax news agency quotes Powell as saying in an interview with the Greek daily Kathimerini that he made the decision, despite Greek objections, to avoid the escalation of a crisis in Macedonia that 'could have provoked a huge explosion.'

Washington recognized Macedonia's constitutional name shortly before the referendum on revised municipal boundaries. The referendum was initiated by the then opposition.

Later on, senior officials from Macedonia and the United States claimed the decision to recognize Macedonia's name has been in preparatory stage for some time - since the tenure of the then Macedonian president Boris Trajkovski. Nonetheless, the widespread speculations as regards the timing of Washington's move are likely to end after Colin Powell's statement. /end/"

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