The Macedonian Tendency: Does Macedonia Have A Plan "B" Re: Nato

Friday, April 27, 2007

Does Macedonia Have A Plan "B" Re: Nato

By David Edenden:

I am a Nato skeptic. What happens if Greece uses its veto and Macedonia is not, and Croatia and Albania, are included in the Nato expansion in April 2008.
I will tell you what will happen! It will embolden Albanian separatists to go for partition of Macedonia since Nato will have shown it's contempt for the Macedonian people and their identity. Does the Macedonian government have a plan "B".

My suggestion: Hire Putin as an adviser. He will be out of a job after the March 2008 Russian Presidential elections and could use the extra cash! It could give Macedonia room to maneuver!

Macedonia likely to get invitation for NATO membership in April 2008
Makfax vesnik:

Berlin/Skopje /27/03/ 15:26

Macedonia, along with Albania and Croatia, is most likely to receive invitation for membership in NATO in April 2008 at the Alliance's Summit in Bucharest.

Radio Deutsche Welle reported this from the informal summit of the NATO Ministers in Oslo.

NATO urged all candidate-countries to push ahead with the internal reforms and pledged for making the decision at the next year's Summit.

Russia's resistance on further enlargement of NATO cannot halt this process, NATO spokesman James Appathurai said after the meeting.

We see the enlargement not only as a process but as a principle, the spokesman said, explaining that all sovereign countries have a right to make decision on their defense."

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