The Macedonian Tendency: Samantha Powers, Obama's Advisor

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Samantha Powers, Obama's Advisor

By David Edenden

Samantha Power is a Harvard-based human rights scholar and Pulitzer Prize winning writer, (A Problem From Hell) and also a foreign policy adviser to Senator Barack Obama.

I saw her on the Charlie Rose Show today talking about why she supports Obama. She thought that Hillary Clinton would make a great president, but Clinton's negatives were so high, it may be impossible for her to be elected president.

Now I have never met Samantha Power, nor Senator Barack Obama, but let me see how the Obama's position on the Macedonian Greek dispute could have been made. Power indicated that Obama was a quick study and my assumption is that he is naturally predisposed to support the Macedonians since he would find it hard to support discrimination against ethnic Macedonians in Greece which is tantamount to cultural genocide.    (Also - See HRW)

However, Power, in her desire to have a Democrat elected, probably advised Obama that alienating the Greek community would be bad for his electoral chances. I believe it was Power who helped formulate Obama's "Macedonia is Greece" policy. She has detailed knowledge of the Balkans since the war in Bosnia was central to her book "A Problem from Hell.

If Samantha Power is against Obama's policy she would have resigned and outed him as a politics as usual panderer ... which she has not done.

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