The Macedonian Tendency: Turkey vs The Kurds: One More Time

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Turkey vs The Kurds: One More Time

By David Edenden

If you want to know why the Turkish Kurdish group, the PKK, has been able to sustain an insurgency for over 20 years, this article will not be helpful. It does not even mention that Turkish Kurds have been the object of a sustained assault on their language an culture for over 100 years. Nice. Where is Samantha Power when you need her.

Turkey Resolves to Give Go-Ahead for Raids in Iraq -
New York Times:

"ISTANBUL, Oct. 17 — Turkey’s Parliament voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday to authorize sending troops into northern Iraq to confront Kurdish rebels in hide-outs there, sending an angry message to the Baghdad government and its Washington sponsor. But Turkey, a member of NATO, made it clear that it would not immediately carry out the resolution."

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