The Macedonian Tendency: I Hope So: Putinism in the Balkans

Friday, October 19, 2007

I Hope So: Putinism in the Balkans

This is a good example of the zero sum game that neo-cons are playing against Russia. Stephen Swartz is notorious for searching out victims to offer, as a sacrifice, to Islamic "moderates" to show that the US cares for Muslims. In our case, increased rights for Albanians in Macedonia, no rights for Macedonians in Greece. There' the rub.

Macedonians have few friends in the US Congress so a reinvigorated Russia is in Macedonia's interest. Successive Macedonian governments from the left and the right have adopted a pro-Nato, pro-EU policy which is akin to a lion tamer putting his head in the jaws lion . Everything is fine, until the lion snaps its jaws to pursue its own interest.

Putin, hear the Macedonian cry!

Putinism in the Balkans:
Weekly Standard, 10/19/2007
Stephen Schwartz

"Mostly unnoticed, Putin has resorted to a weapon that served his absolutist predecessors: pan-Slavic ultra-nationalism with the pretext of solidarity among Christian Orthodox peoples. The sharp point of this blade is visible in the troubled ex-Yugoslav successor states. Russia is reestablishing itself as a regional power in the Balkans."

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