The Macedonian Tendency: Good News for Balkans, Putin for Russian PM?

Monday, October 01, 2007

Good News for Balkans, Putin for Russian PM?

Putin eyes prime minister's job:
BBC NEWS | Europe

Russian President Vladimir Putin has raised the possibility of becoming a future prime minister by agreeing to enter the December parliamentary polls.

Mr Putin, who must leave office as president next year, said suggestions he might seek to become Russian prime minister were "entirely realistic".

He said he accepted the proposal by the United Russia to head the party's list - without becoming a member.

By being on the list he is guaranteed a seat in the next parliament.

The BBC's Mike Sanders says Mr Putin's announcement comes as a shock, but is the clearest indication yet that he is determined to stay at the centre of power in Russia.

According to the Russian constitution, he is not allowed to run for a third consecutive term as president in March.

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