The Macedonian Tendency: One Policeman Killed, at Macedonia's Kosovo Border

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

One Policeman Killed, at Macedonia's Kosovo Border

Makfax vesnik:

Skopje /24/10/ 16:30

One policeman was killed and two injured in today's armed attack on a border police patrol, which took place at the northern border of Macedonia.

The police officers were on board of a four-wheel vehicle en route Kodra Fura - Brest and Malino Malo, situated at the Macedonia-Kosovo border, police sources announced.

The shooting that took place at about 12:50 hrs, caused the vehicle to swerve off the road.

One policeman died on the way to the hospital, while the other two are in critical condition.

It's still unclear who carried out the attack or where did the armed group come from, as no-one has claimed responsibility yet.

Xhezair Shaqiri, the ex-MP and ex-commander of illegal Albanian paramilitary formations like
KLA/NLA, who lives in Tanusevci, denied that anyone from that village took part in the incident or knows anything about it.

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