The Macedonian Tendency: EFA: Helping Macedonians in So Many Ways

Sunday, October 14, 2007

EFA: Helping Macedonians in So Many Ways

Makfax vesnik

Bulgaria criticized again on OMO Ilinden - Pirin

Brussels/Sofia /07/09/ 19:06

European institutions should condemn the oppression of numerous Macedonian minority in Bulgaria that is done with support from the state institutions.

This was demanded by European Free Alliance (EFA), influential political party in the European Parliament, in a letter sent on Friday to the European Commission, the Council of Europe and Bulgarian president Georgi Prvanov.

The apparent motive is "the latest act of anti-democracy towards the Macedonian minority" in the context of the recent ruling of a Bulgarian court to refuse registration again of the political party of Macedonians - "OMO Ilinden - Pirin", contrary to the decision of European court in Strasburg.

The letter, signed by EFA's vice-president and member of the European Parliament G√ľnter Dauwen, calls the international community to "condemn the support of the state for the act of oppression", and Bulgarian authorities "to recognize immediately the numerous Macedonian minority".

The Council of Europe is requested to insist on changing the decision of the European court for human rights in favour of urgent registration of the Macedonian minority's party in Bulgaria. /end/

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