The Macedonian Tendency: US State on Nimitz proposal - April 8, 2005

Monday, October 22, 2007

US State on Nimitz proposal - April 8, 2005

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By David Edenden

Boucher has to respond to the proposal of UN negotiator Nimetz about "Republica Makedonia - Skopje ... how embarrassing is that?

Daily Press Briefing for April 8, 2005 -- Transcript:

"QUESTION: Mr. Boucher, on FYROM, the UN negotiator, Matthew Nimetz, made publicly his proposal for the new name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, FYROM. The Greek Government today responded constructively to this (inaudible) and to this new development. What is the reaction of the U.S. Government?

MR. BOUCHER: As I mentioned yesterday, we certainly welcome the discussions and the UN process to find a mutually acceptable resolution to the Macedonian name issue. As you said, we understand it is part of this UN process and new ideas have been presented to the parties and that there is a discussion going on. We welcome this new momentum in the process. We urge both sides to engage constructively in a spirit of compromise.

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