The Macedonian Tendency: US State More on Nimetz - April 12, 2005

Monday, October 22, 2007

US State More on Nimetz - April 12, 2005

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By David Edenden

Greeks are wetting their pants on this Nimetz thing. If Macedonia accepted the proposal, Greece would denounce it immediately. Thats the way we do things in the Balkans!

Daily Press Briefing for April 12, 2005 -- Transcript:

"QUESTION: One question on the Macedonia name issue, if you can. Now both sides they know the Nimetz proposal, the Special Envoy of the UN. Does the U.S. takes any position on the actual proposal or your position is just that you want to see a common accepted solution from the two parties?

MR. BOUCHER: I think we've said we saw that -- we felt that putting forward the proposal and working with the parties in this matter is a constructive step and we've encouraged both parties to deal with it seriously. And we're still in touch with both parties, as well as the UN, trying to encourage people to take it seriously and work this out.

QUESTION: But not actual position on the substance with the proposal?

MR. BOUCHER: I think we've said that the putting forward of the proposal is a constructive step. I'd have to see if there's anything more to say than that.

QUESTION: Thank you.


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