The Macedonian Tendency: The Economist: Turkey, Armenia, Iraq and the Kurds

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Economist: Turkey, Armenia, Iraq and the Kurds

By David Edenden

A long and informative article from the Economist on the "Armenian Genocide" resolution in the US Congress and Turkish vote to invade Iraqi Kurdistan. Like Macedonians in Greece, Kurds in Turkey have also been subjected to "Denying Ethnicity" ( Macedonians) (Kurds). Below are a few weasel words about current Turkish policy towards its Kurdish minority. It makes you want to spit!

Turkey and America |
Unearthing the past, endangering the future | Oct. 18, 2007

"If Turkey wants to fulfill its dreams of being a regional power and an inspiring example of how Islam and democracy can co-exist, it must make peace with all its citizens, including its Kurds. And it should find a way to face up to its past. It could do worse than seek inspiration from Ataturk who, as Mr Akcam noted in a recent book, once called the Armenian tragedy “a shameful act”."

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